Free Furnace Program ‘Just Like An Angel’ For Minnesota Homeowners

October 7, 2014 at 2:22 pm | Category: Furnaces

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – For many of us it’s officially on–the heat, that is. A cool blast of air has caused some to fire up the furnaces.

It’s estimated Minnesotans pay around $1,500 dollars a year in energy costs. And if you need a new furnace, that can add on thousands more.

For 35 homeowners, that’s no longer a problem.

Their solution is called Heat Up Minnesota. And around this time of year the program looks for nominations of families who could really use a break.

Lisa Kooy of Bloomington got one of those furnaces. She says times are tight.

“I’m very low on money right now, very low,” she said.

The furnace that had equipped her house for years was shaky at best.

“You could feel the cold coming through everywhere in the house,” said Kooy.

A team from Heat Up Minnesota is giving high efficiency furnaces to people who could use a boost. A friend nominated Lisa.

Mary Clark, a district manager for Lennox Industries, works for Heat Up Minnesota.

“She had a roof that fell in, and she got flooded and has had a lot of hardship this year, and she was just a very deserving nominee,” Clark said.

“I started crying actually,” Kooy said. “It was just like an angel came, that’s what it was like to me.”

About 35 local contractors came together to donate the furnaces.

To nominate someone for a new free furnace for last year, visit Heat Up Minnesota’s website.


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