Outlet Repairs In Hopkins

November 27, 2017 at 2:48 pm | Category: Electrical Repairs, Surge Protection

electrical-repairsIf you there are outlets that need repair in your Hopkins, MN home, you are not alone. Outlet troubles are very common in homes of all kinds. But it’s best not to ignore the outlet repairs because the problem can mean that your electrical system is unsafe.

One reason that outlets fail is the age of the electrical system. The wire insulation will eventually deteriorate. Loose wires can also be a problem. Constant vibrations from the earth can cause wires or connections to loosen. Previous repairs or a replacement that wasn’t done right could also be the reason an outlet does not work correctly.

When an outlet does not work like it is supposed to, it can leave the homeowner frustrated. It can also put them in danger of shorts, sparks, shock, or fire. If you need outlet repairs in Hopkins, call our electricians at Electric City Corporation. We’ll make sure the problems are solved once and for all.

Do You Have Outlets That Are Blocked?

Many times an outlet is blocked to where a power cord cannot be inserted into the socket. While sometimes this is because a tamper-resistant receptacle was installed, this is not always the reason for blocked outlets. There could be small pieces of debris inside which are blocking the outlet.

Please don’t attempt to fix a blocked outlet yourself unless you are a licensed electrician. Sparks can arc from any active electrical component and give you a dangerous electrical shock.

Loose Outlets That Won’t Hold A Plug

Trying to use an outlet when it won’t hold the power cord plug is frustrating. Sometimes if you set it in there just right, it will work but move the power cord slightly and it falls out.

Outlets do wear out over time to where they can no longer hold a power cord. Sometimes there are visible cracks on the faceplate of the outlet but sometimes not.

If an outlet is damaged, the damage will worsen over time. This is why we stress that if your outlets don’t work right, call in our Hopkins electricians. We will need to replace the loose outlet receptacle.

Outlets With Loose Wiring

Loose wiring within the outlet can lead to house fires and electrical shock. Look for these signs that mean an outlet may have loose wiring:

  • Lamps That Flicker
  • Burn Spots On The Outlet Face Plate
  • Shorted Out Electronics
  • Burn Spots On The Wall Near Outlets
  • Burning Smells
  • Intermittent Power

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