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Commercial Lighting Retrofits In The Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

Commercial retrofit lighting

Commercial lighting retrofits are a great way for a Minneapolis business to save energy. With energy-saving light fixtures that are specifically made for low voltage LED bulbs, the power usage of the lighting in your commercial building can be decreased by up to 80%.

If your Minneapolis business is interested in finding ways to save money for years to come, let us determine the cost of your commercial lighting retrofit project. In addition to commercial lighting retrofits, we can provide other solutions to help your business cut down on the power bills. We can give you an estimate at competitive prices!

Why & When Lighting Retrofits Benefit Your Business

Old commercial lighting systems can waste a significant amount of energy. Many buildings in Minneapolis were wired decades ago and weren't set up to offer the kind of lighting solutions a modern business needs. Some are just plain dangerous by today's electrical safety standards.

You may want to go ahead with a lighting retrofit if:

  • Your lights don't work reliably
  • You're about to make expensive lighting repairs
  • You need better lighting or additional lights for darker areas
  • You need to change to a safer lighting system
  • You need security lighting installation
  • You're ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system

Electric Service Corporation: The Partner To Serve Your Business

To complete any type of electrical project, you need to find the right reliable electrician to partner with. The commercial electrician services they provide you with should be done correctly and with skill.

For more than 23 years, Electric Service Corporation has partnered with local businesses to complete their lighting retrofits and other electrical work. We've helped thousands of satisfied clients in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Our professionals have integrity and respect for each customer. You can rest assured you'll be served by electricians who genuinely care.

If you're looking for commercial lighting retrofits in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area, please call 952-406-8238 or complete our online request form.