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Electric City Corporation: Your Trusted Golden Valley Electrician!

Electrical inspections and repairs

Our Golden Valley electricians offer a complete range of services for your local home or business. Among the services we can provide for you are electrical repairs, lighting installations, electrical troubleshooting, commercial HVAC wiring, aluminum wiring corrections, and new construction and remodeling installations.

When you have a need for a skilled and qualified electrician in Golden Valley, count on our team at Electric City Corporation. We've been providing top-quality service in the local area since 1996!

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Electrical Repairs

No electrical repair job in Golden Valley is too small or large for our experienced electricians. With just one call, we do it all! Get started right away with your electrical repairs by contacting our team of experienced electrical contractors.

Electrical troubleshooting & repair should be left up to licensed electricians in order to guarantee the repair will be done correctly and safely. Our electricians can diagnose and solve any electrical problem ranging from wire shortages to upgrading old fixtures that don't work properly anymore.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Most homeowners think the only reason they'll ever need an electrical safety inspection is when they purchase a new home. What they don't know is how important it is to hire a qualified electrical contractor to do the electrical safety inspection work, not just a general home inspector.

A qualified electrician has spent years in the service industry and knows all about electrical problems and the repair work needed. If you're lucky, a home inspector will actually bother to look at the wiring in the attic and other hard to reach places.

Our electrical safety inspections are thorough with no part left out. You'll receive a fully detailed written report covering the current condition of your electrical system and what may need to be done to ensure it's safe and efficient.

What To Know About Home Electrical Inspections

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Electrical Safety Home Remodeling

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Reviews & Testimonials on Electric City Corporation in Golden Valley, MN

In today's world of many service people not paying real attention to the minute details of their work, I can honestly state one of Electric City Corporation's technicians, named Brice, is the extreme exception to that characteristic. He replaced multiple bulbs in a very difficult to reach chandelier. Difficult is not the word, but he almost gymnastically engineered ladders and self-balance that allowed him to complete everything perfectly...because he wanted to get the job done correctly. Bottom line: If every home-service person emulated Brice, we who need their expertise would all be spoiled. These comments were unsolicited by Electric City Corporation and gladly voluntarily stated to give credit where credit is due.

- Barry ZeVan | Golden Valley, MN |

If you're looking for a professional Golden Valley Electrician, please call 952-406-8238 or complete our online request form.