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Residential Electrical Safety Services In The Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

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When you need residential electrical safety services for your Minneapolis home, call Electric Service Corporation. Our electricians specialize in home electrical inspections, GFI outlets, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, electrical panel replacements, and more.

We're also your local experts in repairing and troubleshooting residential electrical systems of all types. Whether you need residential electrical safety services or help with troubleshooting a problem, you can count on our licensed and experienced Minneapolis professionals.

Let us make sure your power system is safe and functioning efficiently with an electrical inspection today! We offer flexible scheduling and free consultations!

Home Electrical Inspections

Having a home electrical inspection to ensure your electrical wiring, lighting, breaker panel, and other components are safe to use is highly important. A home electrical inspection should be done every 10 to 20 years to ensure your power system is operating efficiently and properly.

Our Minneapolis electricians have years of experience in the Electrical Safety Inspections field. We'd love to be your preferred professional for all your residential electrical safety services! Give us a call to make an inspection appointment!

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GFI Outlets

Water and electricity most definitely don't mix. For the safety of your home and family, outlets located near water sources such as sinks, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, or garages should be replaced with GFI Electrical Outlets.

The GFI, or GFCI, outlets protect people from electric shock by shutting off the electricity to the outlet when water is detected. If you don't already have GFI outlets in these specific areas of your Minneapolis home, call our reliable electricians to schedule have them installed as soon as possible.

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Electrical Panel Replacement

If it's been twenty to thirty years since your last electrical panel replacement, it's time to ensure the safety of your home and family by getting an electrical inspection. Your best course of action is to call an electrician who specializes in residential electrical safety services.

Our professionals at Electric City Corporation would be happy to inspect your main breaker box and any sub-panels for a possible electrical panel replacement.

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Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide

Our residential electrical safety services include the installation of hardwired smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

If you're tired of changing out the batteries of your portable smoke detectors, having them replaced with hardwired smoke detectors is the answer. These safety devices offer seamless operation even when there's a power outage.

There are many great products on the market that come with ten-year lithium backup batteries. The batteries only operate the smoke detectors & carbon monoxide alarms if the power to your house goes down. We can also install combo smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Let's talk about the available products on the market today!

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Whole Home Surge Protection

There's nothing more frustrating than to see your brand-new HDTV get fried because of a power surge. A whole home surge protection system can be installed to protect all the appliances and electronics in your home.

This system also protects the electrical wiring, lighting, and other components from power surge damage. Our electrician can install a whole home surge protection system directly into your electrical panel.

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If you're interested in Home Electrical Safety services in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area, please call 952-406-8238 or complete our online request form.