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Home Electrical Inspections In The Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

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If you own a home in the Minneapolis or St Paul area, you'll need routine home electrical inspections performed by certified master electricians.Having a home electrical inspection to ensure your electrical wiring, lighting, breaker panel, and other components are safe to use is highly important.

Our dependable electricians at Electric City Corporation have years of experience in home electrical inspections. We'd love to become your dependable electrician for all your residential electrician safety services! Give us a call to make an appointment!

  • Experienced & Licensed Inspectors
  • Complete Residential Safety Services
  • Competitive Upfront Pricing

Why & How Often To Get Home Electrical Inspections

Home electrical inspections should be done every 10 to 20 years to ensure your power system is operating safely, efficiently, and properly. They're also important to get done as soon as possible when you recognize an electrical problem or suspect the repairs have been done wrong in the past.

Unfortunately, most Minneapolis homeowners often overlook the necessity of electrical safety. At best, they invest in home electrical inspections only when they have problems with fuses being blown or the electrical switches fail to function.

You may think home electrical inspections are too expensive, or at the very least, an unnecessary expense. The truth is you can actually save money by preventing expensive electrical repairs and damage to your home because of an unsafe electrical system. Plus, no value can be placed on the safety and well-being of your family and friends.

If you're interested in a Home Electrical Inspection in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area, please call 952-406-8238 or complete our online request form.