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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors In The Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

Smoke detector

If you're interested in installing smoke detectors in your Minneapolis home, call Electric City Corporation. You can always count on our expert electricians in Minneapolis for reliable residential electrician safety services.

Smoke detectors and CO2 alarms are two of the most important home safety devices. They help to warn you about house fires and carbon monoxide buildup. In fact, code compliance authorities require them to be installed in specific locations throughout your home.

Our professionals understand the national and local safety code regulations. We know exactly how many and where they need to be installed in your Minneapolis home.

Whether we're installing new smoke alarms or troubleshooting and repairing your carbon monoxide detectors, we make sure our work is done correctly and efficiently.

Smoke Alarms

Hardwired smoke alarms are installed directly into your home's electrical system. They're much different from portable battery-operated smoke alarms. Batteries die and have to be regularly changed. Instead, the hardwired smoke detectors work every day and night of the year with no need to replace batteries.

The best smoke detectors have a ten-year lithium battery installed to provide backup power when the electricity goes down. They provide a decade of reliable service to your home.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Most homes in Minneapolis are heated by gas furnaces or boilers. Many of us also have gas-fueled water heaters, stoves, and dryers. Where fuel is burned to operate an appliance of any kind, a carbon monoxide detector is an important safety feature to install.

When fuel burns, it releases the deadly gas carbon monoxide. Your furnace or boiler may be vented to the outdoors, but a damaged ventilation system can leak. If the CO2 leaks and builds up enough inside your home, it can be toxic and deadly.

If you don't have carbon monoxide detectors or smoke alarms installed in your home, call our electricians for a free consultation. We also offer repairs and troubleshooting for all your home's electrical safety devices.

If you're looking for installation of smoke & carbon monoxide detectors in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area, please call 952-406-8238 or complete our online request form.