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Aluminum Wiring Correction In The Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

Aluminum wire correction

Minneapolis homeowners usually encounter aluminum wiring when they move into a home which was built before the early 1980s. If your home has aluminum wiring, you may need a reliable electrician to provide an aluminum wiring correction.

Don't panic if your Minneapolis house has aluminum wiring. Although this is outdated wiring, it can be just as safe as copper when it's installed right. However, many homeowners buy a home and find out the aluminum wiring wasn't repaired or installed right. This is dangerous.

Also, you may need an aluminum wiring correction if your existing electrical system can't safely support the electrical load of your modern Minneapolis household. You'll need an electrician to inspect any previous repairs or additional wiring installations which were previously made.

Give Electric City Corporation a call for aluminum wiring correction and inspection for your Minneapolis home. We can assess the needs of your house and give you an honest answer. If you do need aluminum wiring correction work or any other residential electrician services, we can offer you a competitive quote!

Signs You Need An Aluminum Wiring Correction

  • Fixtures such as outlets, lights, and switches directly attached to aluminum wiring should be rated for this wiring. The device will be stamped with "Al/Cu" or "CO/ALR". The latter supersedes the former, but both are safe. These fixtures are somewhat more expensive than the ordinary ones.
  • Wires should be properly connected (at least 3/4 way around the screw in a clockwise direction). Connections should be tight. While repeated tightening of the screws can make the problem worse, during the inspection it would pay off to snug up each connection. Note that aluminum wiring is still often used for the main service entrance cable. It should be inspected.
  • "push-in" terminals are an extreme hazard with aluminum wire. Any connections using push-in terminals should be redone with the proper screw connections immediately.
  • There should be no signs of overheating: darkened connections, melted insulation, or "baked" fixtures. Any such damage should be repaired immediately.
  • Connections between aluminum and copper wire need to be handled specially.
  • The NEC requires that the wire be connected together using special crimp devices, with an anti-oxidant grease. The tools and materials for the latter are quite expensive - not practical to do it yourself unless you can rent the tool. [Note that regulations are changing rapidly in this area. Suggest that you discuss any work with an inspector if you're going to do more than one or two connections.
  • Any non-rated receptacle can be connected to aluminum wiring by means of a short copper "pigtail".

If you need aluminum wiring corrections for your home in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area, please call 952-406-8238 or complete our online request form