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LED Lighting Installation & Repairs In The Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

Led lighting in residential kitchen

Looking to add ambiance to your home while saving on your electric bill? Our LED Lighting Installation service is the way to go! Interior designers view LED lighting as being an excellent artistic medium for lighting design. LED and other low voltage lights come in a huge variety of styles and are perfect for creating soft and elegant mood lighting.

If you need LED lighting installation or repair service in Minneapolis or the surrounding area, call Electric City Corporation today. We're your local expert electricians who can provide you with a complete range of expert residential electrician services.

Lighting Repair

Our Minneapolis electricians have years of experience in LED, low voltage, and security lighting repairs. This experience allows us to complete your repair project accurately and efficiently. We're experts in troubleshooting all types of electrical problems whether it's a loose wire in your light switch or extensive repairs for all the lighting in your home.

Security Lighting Installation

Correctly placed and installed security lighting helps to keep criminals away and provides peace of mind when you come home after dark or need to run an errand at night.

Inadequate security lighting not only hides potential criminal behavior, it also helps them to case and survey the outside of your home. Tell potential criminals that you're serious about protecting your home and family with a security lighting installation.

Our professional electricians can provide you with strategically-placed outdoor security lighting to make your Minneapolis home safer and more secure.

Low Voltage Lighting

LED lighting installation will help you to save money on your electric bill while still enjoying plenty of illumination. LED is just one type of low voltage lighting.

Low voltage is defined as being between 50-1000V Alternating Current (AC) or 120-1500V Direct Current (DC). Low voltage systems have a transformer in the fixture to convert a standard 120 volt current to 12 volts.

Many homes have low voltage lighting installed. Can lighting, recessed lights, track lighting, sidewalk lights, in-ground lighting, outdoor solar lights, colored LED lighting, and chandeliers are the most common.

No matter what type of low voltage lighting you own or want, our electricians are qualified to provide the repairs and installation. Give us a call for a competitive, free quote today! We'd love to talk to you about your service needs!

If you're interested in LED lighting installation & repairs in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area, please call 952-406-8238 or complete our online request form.