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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I've been happily doing business with Kim and the staff at Electric City for almost 15 years. Thed do high qualityy work and they are reliable and fairly priced!

- Greg T. Oothoudt President of Stonehearth Remodeling |

20+ years in the construction industry and working experience with hundreds of different sub contractors, ECC is one of the best. Quality people, skilled workforce and great customer service....

- Pat Noonan President of Deck and Basement Co. |

I have followed Kim Zimmer and her staff through several career moves at various electical companies over the past 17+ years....

- Teresa K. Elsbernd President of Home Reflections, Inc. |

In today's world of many service people not paying real attention to the minute details of their work, I can honestly state one of Electric City Corporation's technicians, named Brice, is the extreme exception to that characteristic. He replaced multiple bulbs in a very difficult to reach chandelier. Difficult is not the word, but he almost gymnastically engineered ladders and self-balance that allowed him to complete everything perfectly...because he wanted to get the job done correctly. Bottom line: If every home-service person emulated Brice, we who need their expertise would all be spoiled. These comments were unsolicited by Electric City Corporation and gladly voluntarily stated to give credit where credit is due.

- Barry ZeVan | Golden Valley, MN |

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